A bit about me

I’m a girl.  You can call me Wilson, Willy, Willie, or Wil – all based on my last name because I like it that way.

I took a survey recently asking what I would do if money were no object.  All of my answers began with "Taking pictures of..."  I'm living my dream job.

I fall in love with all my clients and spend so much time with your faces that you become a part of my family forever. 

I want everyone to have photos of themselves that they’re proud to share, that make you cry, and that you know will be passed down through generations. 

I love kids and I have a high tolerance for most kid behavior – running around, crying, pouting.   I’ll take pictures of all that, too.  Most importantly, I want busy, working families to know I’ve got your back – we’ll get great photos, no nonsense, and you will get an awesome book with your best shots already done.  Boom.

I have a thumbcat named Weenie and a Landseer Newfoundland named Guppy.   My other two cats would be offended if I don't mention them, they're Lux Exterior and Bitty Kitty (aka Bittums).

I have two kids and have spent waaay too much time as a PTA member.  (Ask me for fundraising tips!)

I was born in Honolulu and call my Grandmother Tutu, my kids call my mom Looney-Tu, and I describe myself as a native Hawaiian (hey I was born there!) 

The last time my hair was it’s natural shade of brown shoulder pads were still in style.

I almost never watch TV but I love to watch football. Go Broncos!

I went to film school and for me choosing a favorite film is like picking your favorite child.  That said, I’ve watched The Third Man at least 15 times. (Need a cure for insomnia?  Read my 47 page analysis of 90 seconds of The Third Man.)

If you're really bored, check out my IMDB film credits.

I read 1-2 books a week and I am especially fond of a good romance.

I am a proud member of the National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP), the Professional Photographers Association (PPA), Business Networking International, the Alliance of Professional Women, the Denver Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, the Barrel & Hook Consortium, and most importantly, the Denver Photo Betties.

If you’re anything like me, you hate pictures of yourself, love photos of everyone else, and wish that the magic Photoshop wand existed in real life.

Awards & recognition

  • NAPCP 2015 International Image Competition Silver Winner Family Photography
  • Photo of the month - NAPCP - 2015