What a treat to photograph another baptism at the Assumption of the Theotokos Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Denver.  Not only the precious occasion of the baptism itself, but also the gorgeous church is such a wonder to behold. 

I really appreciated how the priest took me aside in advance and told me to feel free to walk around anywhere I needed in order to get a good photograph.  He also shared that he has done some photography himself and that I shouldn't feel shy about the clicking of the camera (which sounded so LOUD in that dome).  So I stood up on the dais with the family while they were performing the baptism.

I will admit here that being a person not raised within a church, I am not certain which parts of this beautiful ritual are typical to all baptisms and which are specific to Greek Orthodox.  I loved how the Godparents hold the child through the whole ceremony, how we moved about the church to different locations for different parts of the process.  How all the children, cousins, God-siblings (is that a phrase?), and siblings are all on the dais with the family holding candles and blessing the child.  The absolute beauty of this ceremony, the kindness and care shown by the priest, just brings tears to your eyes.