I recently embarked on a documentary photography project featuring women in their workday.  Being myself a mom, wife, entrepreneur, friend, cook, and chauffeur, I feel like I want to celebrate the sometimes wonderful, sometimes remarkable, sometimes ordinary, and always beautiful lives of my fellow women.

In this case it is a day in the life of a designer – Kellie Lansberry of Inspired by Design.  I was struck first by how her phone is a like a barnacle attached to her ear.  It is never ending: incoming calls and texts from clients, employees, contractors, suppliers, friends, and Tinder.  Yes, Tinder, a single girl has to juggle her love life, too.  Kellie’s day began with training her new assistant and progressed to driving around to different show rooms and warehouses, grabbing samples, ordering supplies, picking up materials.  Between phone calls she stopped at Starbucks twice, flirted with clerks, and juggled last minute changes from a client.   Kellie came up with inventive solutions working with her vendors to create answers to surprise problems.  At the end of the day she had a final walk-through of her gorgeous remodel in The Preserve.   Her day wound down with a great deal of puppy love.  If you would like to see more of the photos of Kellie’s finished remodel in The Preserve, check them out on her Facebook page.