I spent the better part of a day with the awesome folks at the Rocky Mountain MS Center King Adult Day Enrichment Program (KADEP).    The objective of the day was to show the fun and supportive programs offered by the center and their amazing staff.  I made a couple new friends that day and gained a whole new level of awareness and respect for people living with multiple sclerosis and other acquired neurological disorders.

Day in the life of a non-profit photography has the benefit of providing tons of marketing images for the organization, it tells the story of the people who benefit from their efforts,  and reveals detail and context to a story that is often untold to the general public.

KADEP has a program that involves different fun classes ranging from cooking, laughter yoga, crafts, boxing, gardening, even trips to go rafting or visiting casinos.  They have an amazing machine called the LiteGate which allows people to stand without having to bear all their own weight.  It literally helps people get back on their feet.

I've been told by a friend who is a professional in the non-profit world that there are statistics showing that people are more likely to donate after seeing a powerful image than a powerful video.  I think that's because when you see a photo that moves you,  you are making up the backstory in your own mind.  You have the context of knowing the image is related to the non-profit in question, but you tell yourself the story that explains why someone looks tired or sad, why their eyes are closed or their fist is clenched.   Creating the story in your own mind gives you more motivation to donate because you've told yourself the most moving story that would spur you to action.

Day in the Life photography for business is a way to tell the story of an organization that creates a personal story and connects with people on an emotional level.

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