There is a perfect harmony of working directly with graphic designers for branding photography.  Photographer and designer can communicate about colors, types of images, on-the-nose and more subtle imagery for a client’s website and content.  What’s even better is doing a branding session FOR a Denver graphic designer.  In this case, Hearthfire Creative’s Lexi Steele was able to tell me exactly what she was hoping for, the style of images and the message she wants to convey.

We pulled members of her design and marketing team together to get headshots of the group, and team photos of them working.  We also got a ton of just beautiful images that can easily be used as banner images, in her marketing materials, or in blogs.

Lexi’s business name came from her connection to a powerful tarot card the Hearthfire.  We have done previous branding work together showing her sense of community and the actual fire.  In this session, we were focused more on work product and her growing business team.

We also focused on humor and heart, because Lexi’s team is full of heart.  She supports working women who have kids, everyone on her team (including a couple folks who were unable to make the shoot) works from home and mostly on their own schedule.  Lexi has so much love in her and is so passionate and fun, it shines through in every moment with her.

We all agreed the photo of the day was with Courney and her son – trying to juggle her kid, computer, and phone – hey just like her real life! 

This session is part one of two, we also did a Day in the Life session which is coming soon to the blog!

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